Are you thinking about studying next year in the big capitals of Spain? You are in luck because at SGR we have new accommodations in Madrid and Barcelona. Fully furnished accommodations designed to meet all the needs of our students. Whether you are going to start your degree or your master’s degree, we offer accommodations with different characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Rooms in shared flats

If you want to share your university experience with other students, the perfect option for you is a room in a shared flat. Shared flats offer you the chance to meet other students. You can share your day-to-day life with other young people who are in the same situation as you. You can spend time together and learn from each other. Sometimes you will share a flat with students of other nationalities and cultures, making it an enriching experience.

We have more than 500 new rooms for you in Madrid. They are located both in the city centre and in more distant areas, adapting to all budgets. All our rooms are for individual use, to give our students the privacy they need. In this way, you can share moments with your flatmates in the common areas and enjoy complete privacy in your room.

All the flats have co-habitation rules, so that the rest and study of the students is respected at all times. It is of great importance that the rules are always complied. Otherwise, SGR may take action.

All rooms are equipped with a bed, wardrobe and desk. In addition, you can choose between a single bed or a double bed.

Studios and entire flats

Whether you wish to live alone or if you are a group of students looking for a flat to live together, we also have options for you. The studios allow complete privacy, so you can enjoy all the services of the accommodation on your own. On the other hand, if you already have a group of friends and you are looking for a place to live all together, the perfect option for you are the entire flats.

From SGR, we offer new studios and entire flats in Madrid and Barcelona. The two big cities of Spain receive thousands of students every year and, if you are one of them, you will be able to live in the best accommodations in each city.

Visit our website and discover all the new accommodation we have for you. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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