Tras seis meses de estado de alarma en España, ayer llegó a su fin. Pero, ¿sabemos realmente lo que esto significa? ¿Qué podemos hacer a partir de ahora? ¿Qué restricciones ya no están en vigor? Sigue leyendo para encontrar respuesta a estas preguntas y despejar todas tus dudas.

What does it mean that the state of alarm has come to an end?

Lo primero que hay que saber es que el fin del estado de alarma supone el fin de la potestad del Gobierno central para tomar medidas frente al Covid-19. Es decir, a partir de ahora, cualquier medida que se pueda aplicar con el objetivo de frenar el contagio provocado por el Covid-19 será responsabilidad de cada comunidad autónoma.

What restrictions will disappear?

La última palabra está en el Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) y en el nuevo decreto aprobado por el Gobierno. Este decreto aclara que desaparecen todas las reglas del texto anterior. ¿Y cuáles son estas reglas?

  • Curfew: after more than a year of running to arrive home at time, it is once again allowed  to circulate on public roads at any time of the day.
  • Perimeter closure: mobility between autonomous communities without a justified cause is also no longer a restriction. We will once again be able to move freely throughout the country, unless one of the autonomous communities decides to self-confine and, therefore, prohibit entry and exit from its territory.
  • Capacity limit for meetings: until now, the maximum number of people who could meet in public spaces, such as restaurants or parks, was limited to six. From now on, this limit will also disappear.

How can autonomous communities apply their own restrictions?

When the state of alarm was in force, any measure affecting fundamental rights had to go before the High Court of Justice. From now on, it will be up to each community to decide whether or not to apply any of these measures. Any measure that they wish to apply must first pass, as before, through the High Court of Justice and, in addition, through a new agent involved, the Supreme Court.

In other words, if the regional courts decide to reject the requests of the autonomous communities across the board, they would be passed on to the Supreme Court, which would have the last word.

Which autonomous communities have imposed their own measures?

All regions have lifted the perimeter closure restrictions. However, some communities still maintain the curfew. These communities are Baleares, Canarias, Comunidad Valenciana and Navarra.

If you are thinking of studying next year in another city, or even in another country, you are in luck. As you can see, the restrictions are gradually disappearing and the vaccination data is becoming more and more positive. Remember that you can find your perfect accommodation in different cities in Europe on our website.

However, despite the end of the curfew, we still need to be careful with ourselves and the people around us.

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