In Europe we have the great privilege of being able to travel to incredible destinations that are right on our doorstep. This beautiful continent has a great mix of cultures and landscapes for all tastes. You can choose from fast-paced city tours, beach vacations, romantic weekend getaways and plenty of budget-friendly places to visit Europe without spending a lot of money. If London, Paris, Switzerland or the Amalfi Coast don’t suit your pocket, there are hundreds of other options to visit that will leave you with your mouth open. Let’s get to it!

Budapest, Hungary

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to see Europe without spending a lot of money! Accommodation, food and transportation are affordable for anyone, even in the capital. Budapest is a city of unparalleled beauty. Divided by the Danube River into Buda and Pest, the Hungarian capital will amaze you with its great bridges, spas and wonderful architecture. In addition, the city is surrounded by valleys and mountains that create a landscape that you must visit at least once in your life.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Have you ever thought about traveling there? Well, we have. Sofia has an incredible mix of cultures, from Ottoman to Russian. In one place you can visit synagogues, cathedrals, mosques, museums and Roman ruins. The neo-Byzantine Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the main symbol of the city. It is known for its gold-covered domes. But we have not yet named the best thing about this destination: Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in the region. 1 Bulgarian lev is equivalent to 50 euro cents, can you believe it? Don’t think it twice and travel to a great destination without breaking your budget!

Zagreb, Croatia

This small country in the Balkan area is becoming more and more known among tourists. The crystal clear beaches of cities Dubrovnik and Split have put this country on most travelers’ lists. However, we put Croatia on this list because of its awesome capital, Zagreb. For instance, Zagreb is known as the cheap version of Vienna. But the reality is that this city has a vibe that makes it unique. Medieval alleyways, city walls and Austro-Hungarian buildings are the backdrop for a bohemian, festive and jovial city.

Algarve, Portugal

If you are looking for a place to spend the hot European summer, this is the ideal destination for you! According to the Holiday Money Report 2021, Algarve ranks as the third best beach destination for European travel on a budget. This destination has incredible landscapes, crystal clear beaches and natural attractions where to make unforgettable excursions. However, it is a region that receives more and more tourists, so it can become very crowded. The best month to enjoy its beaches is September. By the end of summer the high season is over and prices have dropped even more.

Warsaw and Krakow, Poland

Poland is known by travelers as one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Warsaw is known for its historic center, where you must visit the Polin museum. Krakow has tourist attractions such as the salt mines of Wieliczka and Auschwitz. At the size of your pocket you can visit one of the places that most impacted the history of Europe in the twentieth century. But don’t be fooled, Poland is much more than history!. However, both cities have a bohemian and interesting atmosphere that has turned this country into one of the main destinations for Erasmus students. Are you going to miss it?

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