We are about to end what may have been one of the strangest years of our lives. 12 months ago, no one expected that the coming year would be the year of a Global Pandemic that has forced us to be locked up at home, unable to travel freely, and have a curfew. Things that if someone had told us last year we would have thought the synopsis of a new chapter of “Black Mirror.” 

A few days ago we sent you a Christmas message that this year takes on a special importance and today we bring you 5 things that 2020 has taught you as a student and that you did not know.

1. “The day everything connected and made sense”

We know that, as a student, you have been through hard times. We know that the online classes at first seemed to be good but they ended up tiring a lot. However, there is a good part of all o this.

The opportunity of being able to be connected anywhere in the world means that we can learn about everything at all times and at our own pace. Before, when they told us that a class, workshop, the conference was online, we did not take it seriously. Confinement has put online learning in value and this is good for us as students.

2. Personal growth

To some extent, 2020 has taught us to be strong. There are people whose confinement has helped them to become stronger in the literal sense. To many other people, the confinement and the coronavirus have made us rethink things that we believed or thought. Things that hurt us or hindered us in some way. This has been the year of personal growth and change.

3. We need less to be happy

Another positive thing that we undoubtedly take from this year is the appreciation that the little things are what gives us happiness. Things like coffee between class and class to catch up with your partner, the beer after the beginning of the weekend, or the hugs that take your breath away, are things that now you will value much more than before, for sure.

4. Know what you really want

The fact of stopping completely, of deactivating the automatic pilot that we sometimes wear without realizing it, has made us rethink many things in our life. It has forced us to think about what we really like and what we don’t. What we really want for our life, what we want to spend time on and what we don’t. In short, it has taught us to choose.


5. It has also taught us to disconnect (ourselves)

Finally, 2020 has taught us to give more importance to every minute. This translates into giving less importance to what happens in that world that social networks show us and that many times we believe to be a reality. Valuing what we live and how we live it.

Nothing in life is forever. We close 2020 with enthusiasm and awareness of everything we have experienced to be able to take 2021 more strongly than ever.

We are looking forward to living new experiences with you again, we want you to enjoy the cities again, we want you to travel again, we want you to continue learning. But first, it’s time to stop to say goodbye to 2020, aware of what we have experienced.

You can contact us to tell us about your experience with 2020 or to ask us any questions you have. Happy New Year students!

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