Welcome back to our blog! This time, we are going to talk about something that all students and young professionals living in a shared apartment or renting an apartment know very well: the importance of easy recipes for everyday life. When you are immersed in the experience of studying abroad or living in a new country, cooking can become a challenge. But don’t worry, we are here to help you make it easier and more delicious with different easy everyday recipe ideas.

Living abroad is an exciting experience, but it often means you’ll face a number of challenges, including managing your daily meals. Whether you’re staying in a shared apartment or renting your own space, the kitchen can be a place for creativity and efficiency. Here are some easy recipe ideas that will make your life easier and more delicious.

Avocado and egg toast:

This is a healthy breakfast classic that requires no advanced culinary skills. Simply cut up a ripe avocado, mash it with a fork and use it as a base for some toast. Then, cook an egg to your liking and place it on top of the avocado. You can add a little salt, pepper and red chiles if you like more intense flavors. A nutritious breakfast in minutes!

Improved instant noodles:

Instant noodles are a lifesaver for busy students and young professionals. To give them a healthier twist, add fresh vegetables like spinach, carrots or broccoli. You can also add a beaten egg while cooking the noodles for a creamier touch. It’s a quick and delicious meal!

Fruit salads and yogurt:

When you’re looking for a healthy dessert or snack, fruit and yogurt salads are an excellent choice. Simply cut up your favorite fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, grapes and kiwis, and mix them with plain yogurt. Add honey or nuts for an extra touch of flavour. A refreshing and energizing option!

Gourmet sandwiches:

Sandwiches are a quick and versatile meal. Experiment with ingredients like turkey breast, avocado, tomato and cheese to create a gourmet sandwich. You can pair it with a quick salad or some chips. A delicious and satisfying lunch!

Vegetable fried rice:

Fried rice is a versatile recipe that allows you to use whatever vegetables you have on hand. Sauté peppers, carrots, peas, onion and broccoli in a pan with a little oil. Then add the cooked rice and a little soy sauce for flavour. You can add beaten egg for an extra touch of protein. A simple and delicious meal!

Chicken and avocado wrap

Another quick and easy recipe is chicken avocado wrap. Grill chicken breast, cut it into strips and place it in a tortilla with avocado, lettuce and ranch sauce. Roll up the tortilla and you’re done. A healthy lunch you can take with you!

Whether you are a student or a young professional living in a shared apartment or renting your own space, these easy recipes will help you maintain a balanced and delicious diet. Plus, they’ll save you time and money, which is essential when you’re on a tight schedule.

In short, cooking in a shared apartment or student rental doesn’t have to be complicated. With quick and easy recipes like the ones we’ve shared with you, you can maintain a balanced and delicious diet without much effort. Plus, if you own student accommodation, offering culinary tips to your tenants can be an added value that enhances their experience abroad.

At Lodgerin we understand the needs of those living in a shared apartment. If you are looking for accommodation or want to manage your properties more efficiently, contact us! We are here to make your experience abroad easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy!

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