Student Accommodation

With Lodgerin you can rent your student accommodation in 3 steps.

We will show you what those 3 steps are to make the booking easy and faster.

This process has many advantages, it is simple, fast, convenient and safe!

1. Find the room of your dreams

As you enter the Website you will find a search bar. In this search bar you can perform searches based on the country, city, municipality, neighborhood or even a street. Our search engine gives you the available accommodation closest to the executed search.

Once the search is done, you have to find the apartment that best suits your needs. In the student accommodations that the search engine has given you, surely an ideal apartment is for you.

Swipe down the results and more accommodation will come out. Look carefully at all floors and choose your favorite.

In SGR we have agreements with many universities, which means that there are discounts if you come from those universities. Ask yours because we surely have an agreement with her, so you can enjoy a considerable discount.

 easy Steps

2. Book as soon as possible

Once you have found your student accommodation among the more than 15,000 apartments we have in Europe, the reservation step comes.

For this process you will need to be registered. The registration process is nothing more than to send you the necessary documents at the end of the reservation. Once this process is finished, we promise not to send you any more email without your consent.

The first step to perform once you press the button to request this property, is to select the dates in which you are interested. Once the accommodation is selected you will get the owner’s conditions. It is also the time to apply some discount code (for example, the previous mentioned of the agreements of the universities).

The payment breakdown will also be specified. What amounts will have to be deposited according to the dates. After accepting the terms, only the registration and payment will be missing.

Before making the payment, we will contact you in a maximum time of 24 h. In this contact we will specify in more detail the information you need, as well as the doubts you may have.

After completing the registration on the Web and having contacted you, you will only have to make the payment. To do this you select the method you are going to use and from there, complete the required data. It is a very safe process.

Student Accommodation

3. Enjoy!

Once the reservation is made, the confirmation letter and the relevant documentation will be mailed to you.

If at any time you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in whatever you need.

From there, it only remains to enjoy. For us it is the most important step.

Visit the different neighborhoods of the city, investigate the culture of the country you are going to, and live all the experiences to the fullest.

Do not forget to share your experiences on social networks and mention us!

Student Accommodation

Finally, summarize the 3 steps to rent a student accommodation in SGR. Find, using the search bar. Book, following the steps of the Web. Enjoy, the most important step, have a great time and share your experiences.


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