Studying in Barcelona

Studying abroad is one of the unique experiences in life. Whether studying in Barcelona, London, Madrid, etc.

In this post we will review the 6 main reasons to study in Barcelona.

Studying in Barcelona

1. University Tradition

The university tradition is one of the main reasons to study in Barcelona. It is a city that is a great attraction for students.

The University of Barcelona is the main university of the city. Since it is among the 100 best universities in the world according to prestigious rankings.

Being in those rankings, not only attracts students. It also attracts the best teachers in Europe. This makes universities have a modern and effective level of education.

Studying in Barcelona has become one of the most traditional destinations, since this city has been a reference for more than 500 years. Since the creation of the University of Barcelona in the year 1450.

2. Multiculturalism

Barcelona is one of the cities with the largest number of different cultures around the world. There are thousands of people who come from very different places. These people can come for tourism or because they want to study in Barcelona.

The fact is that a large number of people from all over the world gather in Barcelona throughout the year.

One of the advantages of cultural diversity is that many languages are practiced. Not only Spanish and Catalan. English, German, Italian, French, etc.

There are many languages because it is a city near many countries. This makes many foreigners in those countries decide to spend time in Barcelona.

Studying a career or a Master abroad, in this case in Barcelona, makes your professional career much more attractive for companies in the future.

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3. The wide range of accommodation for students

It may be a minor reason, but it is not. Having a comfortable apartment, where you feel at home makes the city you like more.

Everyone needs moments of tranquility, and student accommodation that meets your needs is essential.

Barcelona is a modern city that has floors of all kinds. If you search on our Website, you will find all kinds of floors that fit your needs.

4. Climate

The climate in Barcelona is a Mediterranean climate. It is a climate in which they do not make very high temperatures in summer, nor do very low temperatures in winter.

Most of the year has been a very pleasant time, which makes it a great attraction for everyone.

Possibly the weather is one of the best things that Barcelona has. The good weather it has makes it possible to live perfectly at any stage of the year.

Studying in Barcelona

5. Nightlife

Barcelona is one of the reference cities in Europe in relation to nightlife. It is a very young city, which makes it an ideal destination for investors within this sector.

There are many neighborhoods in Barcelona, each with its own atmosphere. There are sites for different activities spread throughout the city.

It is not just about discos, but many other types of venues. Bars, Pubs, festivals, quiet terraces, etc. Whatever you are looking for you can find it in Barcelona.

In addition, Barcelona is one of the cities with the greatest street art in Spain. There are numerous performances by artists in the streets of Barcelona, who like to share what they like and give the city a very different touch.

Studying in Barcelona

6. Accessibility to other countries

Barcelona is located in a place in Europe where it is very close to many destinations that can surely get your attention.

Being close to so many destinations makes traveling to those places a low cost.

One of the places that everyone wants to go to is Paris. It is an incredible city to visit, and is only 1 hour and a half from Barcelona by plane. In addition it is also accessible to go by car.

Another place near Barcelona is Madrid. The distance with Madrid is slightly less than with Paris. Madrid is another city different from any other. It is a modern city as well as classic.

Finally, one of the favorite destinations for students to visit is Italy. Any city in Italy is amazing to visit. It is pure history. From Venice to Florence, through Milan, Rome or Pisa. Embracing in the Italian country is wonderful.

From Barcelona you can not only access these 3 destinations. Also near the city are others such as Lisbon, Bilbao, Valencia, Germany, Balearic Islands, etc.

To conclude, comment that Barcelona is one of the best ideas you can have to study abroad. It is a city that will welcome you as one more. Cultural diversity will make you feel very comfortable since you will see many people in the same situation as you.


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