At SGR we want to provide solutions to the possible concerns of our customers. SGR Management is now here to take care of it. A new business line focused on both, tenants and landlords.

We know that sometimes it is not easy to manage contracts, organize check-in schedules or deal with possible incidents… Besides, Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to change many aspects of our lives. Technology has become even more important than it already was. Therefore, at SGR we have also wanted to take a turn to improve our services and the comfort of our customers.

The need to reduce physical contact, added to the constant evolution of our company, has led to digitalization.

SGR Management offers the option of enjoying its services completely on-line. Digital contract signature, pre check-in, financial management…

What services does SGR Management offer?

  • Pre check-in: SGR Management takes care of the communication with the tenant and the management of previous documents through a completely digitalized process. This saves time and work for the owners.
  • Coordination of check-in: The tenant’s check-in is coordinated through an optimized and digital process. No more problems and delays at check-in!
  • Financial management: We know that the management of payments, collections or deposits, among other things, is often a headache for landlords. To avoid this type of problems, SGR Management carries out the economic administration of the property, managing collections, payments, invoicing, delivery of deposits and their recovery. In addition, we generate reports to keep the owners always up to date on the status of the property.
  • Maintenance and incidents: SGR Management provides its clients with a reliable team for the cleaning and maintenance of the common areas. It will also be in charge of coordinating these activities with the tenants and will manage all the corresponding incidents with the insurance company. Tenants and owners can be assured that their apartment will always be in good condition.
  • Marketing management: SGR Management prepares different marketing strategies and takes care of the visual preparation of the accommodation. Our goal is always to reach a booking as soon as possible!
  • Coordination of check-out: In the same way that is done with the check-in, SGR Management also coordinates the check-out with an automated process.
  • Integral management: Through this service, SGR Management acquires the property from the preparation and commercialization phase. An SGR Account Manager will take care of everything so that the owner does not have to worry about anything. In this way, we inform the owners every month about the status of each stage of the lease.
  • Comfort pack: At SGR Management we want you to feel at home. For this, we prepare a comfort pack for the tenant with the household items for the room.

We want to be closer than ever to our clients. We work daily to achieve their well-being and comfort.  Do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of SGR Management and enjoy all the advantages it offers. You just have to relax, we will take care of everything!


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