Filomena’s arrival in Spain has been accompanied by a historic increase in the price of electricity in our country. With the average price per kWh for the first fortnight of January, the average user’s monthly bill would be almost 20 euros above the same period last year. That is why today we want to give you 5 simple tips to save electricity and to get money in your student apartment.

So far this year, quite unusual things have not stopped happening and it seems that we have to be prepared for anything because who knows what may happen next week, right?

1. The “standby” mode generates significant electricity costs

Turn off all devices that are on standby. You know, all those red and green lights that indicate that the appliance or device is connected and ready to turn on as soon as you press the button. All these “vampire loads” are sucking up electricity without your notice. 

Appliances “plugged in standby” are responsible for up to 20% of the electricity bill

University of Berkeley (California)

That is why we must be careful with television, smart speakers like Alexa, laptops, or power strips.

2. Ventilate while making coffee

We know that we have to ventilate the rooms of the apartment so that the bug that currently lives with us (yes, the covid-19 what a surprise, isn’t it?) Do not focus on closed spaces. Therefore, we recommend that you ventilate while you are preparing the coffee. Not long ago, 5 minutes is enough if you open all the windows wide at the same time. Besides, this way you will create enough current for the air to renew itself and you will be able to keep warm during the rest of the day

3. LED bulbs, your best allies

Surely you already knew it but, changing the bulbs in your entire apartment for some LED bulbs is other of the simple tips you should follow. It will save up to 60% in lighting costs compared to incandescent bulbs, those of a lifetime. You can buy them at any local appliance store or in most large supermarkets. Take a look at our tips to save by buying online if you want your savings to be complete.

4. Off-peak hours, what is that?

If you do not know what off-peak hours are, it’s time you know that these hours of hourly discrimination can save you up to 60% on your electricity bill. It is about concentrating at least 30% of the light you consume during off-peak hours (from 10 p.m. to 12 noon; from 11 p.m. to 1 p.m. in summer).

Households that do not have this rate consume an average of 50% during off-peak hours, so without additional efforts, they could save € 80 a year on their electricity bill.

5. The fridge and freezer, a kW strainer

Who hasn’t been reflecting on life while looking for something in the fridge or freezer? It may seem silly but, all the time we waste looking for something or talking to our friend while we have the refrigerator open is time we are spending a lot of money.

The cold generated by your fridge is quickly lost when you do this. Try, from now on, to think first and open the fridge later.

We hope these simple tips have helped you start saving now on your student apartment. We know that studying abroad already means spending a lot of money, so implement these habits now.

Any questions? You can ask us what you want and take a look at all the news that we tell you in our RRSS.

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