Shared Flat

Living in a students shared flat is a once in a lifetime experience. It is an option that many choose when they start their university studies.

One of the factors that usually affect this experience is not the best of all, is the issue of living together. Because living with someone you do not know from the beginning, who has a way of thinking, of acting very differently, implies a greater effort to live alone.

In this post we give you 6 tips so that your living in a student accommodation is the best:

Shared flat

1. Your room is your temple

In a shared flat in the best case you will have 1 bathroom and a room just for you. But it is not normal. Therefore, you will surely have to share a bathroom or even have shared rooms.

Therefore your room must become your only truly private place.

That is why your room should adapt to you. Decorate it in the best way, respecting accommodation for foreign students.

In the same way that your room is your only private place, so is that of roommates. That is why you must respect it in the same way that they respect yours.

Shared Flat

2. Housework

It is usually the main reason for causing anger among students.

Normally, within the group, there is usually a person who is not as clean as the rest. In case it is not, you are in luck.

To prevent any student from escaping cleaning, make a cleaning plan and hang it in the fridge.

It’s an old trick, but it works as long as it’s fulfilled.

For that plan, from Lodgerin, we recommend that you do not take the same tasks, and that every day you rotate.

Distribute the tasks equally, and rotate each day one. Since the cleaning of a room is not the same, with the cleaning of the bathrooms or the kitchen.

Living in a shared flat

3. The schedules

In case you enter at the same time, you will need to enter the bathroom and more at the same time. To solve that, take turns and reach an agreement before to avoid discussions as you get up in the morning. Thus, you will not start the day in a bad way and arguing.

4. The payments

It is important to make timely payments for your rental of your student room. A delay can harm not only you, but also your roommates.

You should take into account not only the monthly payments for the room, but also water and electricity. It is a shared expense.

Be generous and think about the rest when it comes to wasting both light and water. Turn off the tap or turn off the light when it is not necessary.

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5. Home parties

Many students like to have parties every week in their student accommodation.

If there is a classmate you don’t like in your student flat, you must respect him.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have a party once in a while, but not every week.

In addition, it is advisable to notify before doing them. Understand that there are people who can have a bad day and want to get home and rest and find a party.

You should also notify your roommates of visits. Surely they don’t like people who don’t know every day come into their house.

You must also respect your roommates’ schedules. If your roommates have sleeping schedules that are very different from you, respect them and don’t make noise while they sleep.

Shared Flat

6. Pets

You should never take an animal to your student apartment without first asking the apartment owner and the rest of your classmates.

You should keep in mind that someone may be allergic to that animal and therefore is not compatible. Also, you should know if there is any clause on pets within your contract signed with the owner. In case you have doubts, call the owner and ask him about the case.

Once you have been allowed to put the pet in your student accommodation, be clear that the pet is yours and not from the house. This must be clear for any expense you may generate.

Food, washing and the veterinarian costs are entirely yours, so the expense is only yours. Obviously in case your pet breaks something, you will have to take care of the costs and replace what has been broken.

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In conclusion, living in a shared flat is more complicated than it seems. But it is something that can be solved by talking and planning things, mainly in cleaning. In the event that you follow these tips, the sure coexistence will be better and you will enjoy a unique experience such as living in a shared flat between several students.


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