From Lodgerin we want to give you ideas of things to do this summer. We know that in September the routine starts again, the school year begins and the lack of time is evident. Therefore, we bring you different plans relatively inexpensive and close to home to enjoy the most. In today’s post we show you different plans to do in Lisbon this summer. Let’s go there 

Visit the beach  

Of course, being in summer, the beach is a must, especially with the high temperatures that accompany us. We recommend that, if you are in Lisbon, make a small effort to go to the city of Cascais, less than 40 minutes by car, to enjoy its squares with palm trees and beaches. Also, if you stay at Cascais beach until 5 pm, you can watch the fish auction at the fish market.  

Enjoying the views of the city  

Lisbon is a city with many sloping streets, which allows you to reach high viewpoints from which to contemplate the views of the city. We can’t think of a better plan than going to a viewpoint at night with your friends and a few cool drinks. You can enjoy the incredible views of Lisbon at the Santa Lucia viewpoint, the Gracia viewpoint or the Santa Catalina viewpoint, among others.  

Experience the Festas dos Santos Populares  

The Festas dos Santos Populares are celebrated in Lisbon in summer and last about three weeks. During this time, Lisboners decorate the city with large colorful garlands and turn Lisbon into a constant street party. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, food and drink abound. We invite you to follow the tradition of these celebrations and give a basil pot with a poem to declare your love during the festivity of San Antonio. It will be a way to feel like a real Lisboner!  

Taste Lisbon’s gastronomy 

It’s summer and we feel like doing things outdoors, especially in the evenings when the temperatures let us breathe a little calmer. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than tasting the Portuguese gastronomy? We recommend you try the grilled sardines and green wine and don’t miss the opportunity to sit down for dinner watching the sunset on the stairs of the Calçada do Duque.  

We hope we have helped you with our ideas on what to do in Lisbon this summer and we encourage you to discover many more plans on your own. Lisbon is a city worth exploring and rediscovering every time you visit.  

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