Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, and how could it be otherwise, has its own world day. Today, August 5, we celebrate the day of the Beer. On the occasion of this celebration, today we show you the best breweries in Madrid to enjoy a fresh beer. We are sure you are going to appreciate it in the middle of this particularly hot and suffocating summer. Let’s go there!  

Los Grifos  

Located in the Malasaña neighbourhood, this curious place offers a total of 11 different types of beer. All of them are craft beers and, as the name of the bar itself indicates, they are also on tap.   

This place is not only original for its beers, but also has a peculiar service operation. In Los Grifos you will have a card that you recharge with money to buy beer from each tap you want to try.  In addition, with this card you will pay for the beer per centiliter. In addition, we also recommend the brunch & beer that they celebrate on weekends at noon, consisting of 2 hours of free beer bar! 


We hope you are a determined person, because in this Moratalaz brewery you have more than 90 beers to choose from. They have two locations located in this neighbourhood and both have air-conditioned terraces all year round. In addition, all the beers they have are craft beers, and not only do they sell beer, but you can also have lunch or dinner with one of the best stone-grilled meats in Madrid.   


All the beers you can drink in this brewery are made in-house. This brand has its own brewery where they produce 6 different styles of beer. All of them are made with 100% natural ingredients imported from the Czech Republic. We could say that this is a brewery made for the most exquisite palates.   

Fábrica Maravillas  

This is one of the best known breweries in Madrid, and of course, is located in the neighbourhood of Malasaña. In this peculiar place you will find both the bar where you can enjoy the beers and the factory where they make these beers.  

This factory produces a total of 7 different types of beer every day. In addition, one of its most special attractions is that you can visit the factory and see how they make the beer.  

Cheer up and celebrate Beer Day in any of these bars! It will surely cheer you up and refresh your day today.  

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