We are already well into September. We could say that new beginnings have already ceased to be new to become our present. New university, new job, new course, new cityThe fact is that September is always a month of beginnings, resolutions and goals. In some cases, it feels even more like the beginning of the year than January. That’s why in today’s post we’ll show you some tips to organize your new routine. What are the most essential things for you? What should you start adding to your routine? How to organize the hours of the day? Here we go!  

First and foremost: get a planner 

When it comes to having a daily order, a routine and an organized life, having a planner becomes a must. Especially for college and work. In the planner you can write down all your work, exams, deliveries, meetings, and organize your days according to how you are going to work on them. But the agenda is not only limited to work, you can also organize your personal life. If one day you have a dinner date with a friend, if another day you have a family meal, if you have friends coming to see you on the weekendHaving all this written down in the agenda will make you feel much calmer and organized 

Prioritize your goals  

Beyond the day-to-day tasks, people also have more long-term goals, but we must work on them every day. Therefore, we recommend that you make a list of your goals for this year, and then prioritize them. Here are some examples:  

  • Eating healthy  
  • Doing sports 
  • Get my driver’s license   
  • Meet new friends

Once you have these goals defined and prioritized according to the importance you give to each one, you can start working on them. That is, if the most important goal for you is to start doing sports, you can start organizing it in your agenda. Tomorrow you will make a note to go to the gyms in your neighbourhood in the afternoon to find out what they have to offer. For the next day, you will write down in your agenda to analyze the offers of each gym to finally decide on one. Finally, for the next day you will write down in your agenda at what time you have some free time to go and join the gym. Thus, in three or four days you will already be doing sports and gradually acquiring that routine that will lead you to meet one of your goals 

This same process can be done every week with a different goal, to add all of them to your routine.  


Although it may seem silly, we assure you that it is not. Having a good diet is essential to have enough energy to face your new routine. For this, it is not necessary to follow a strict diet that you must comply to the letter. It is simply important to eat everything to acquire all the nutrients. Do not forget to eat fruit and vegetables every day, make an effort not to stop eating fish, and so on.  

Having your organization, defined goals and good nutrition, you will be able to face your new routine with all your physical and mental energy.  

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