September is approaching and that means new beginnings. Are you starting a career? Maybe a master’s degree? Your internship? Are you changing jobs? Or are you just starting out in the working world? Whatever your case may be, what may happen is that your next plans are far away from your city. If so, you will have to look for an apartment in your new city. You still don’t have your new accommodation? We can help you! Pay attention because at Lodgerin we have hundreds of different options for you.  

Which is your new city?  

In Spain, Madrid and Barcelona are the cities where most opportunities exist, both in terms of work and academics. For this reason, our biggest offer of accommodation in the country is focused on these two cities, and also in Valencia.    

But, if your plans for the next academic year are outside Spain, in Lodgerin we also have options for you. We offer you the best accommodations also in France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy. In cities like London, Paris, Lisbon or Rome.

What type of accommodation do you want to stay in?

In Lodgerin we have different types of accommodation for all tastes. 

  • Rooms in shared apartments: For those who want to share their experience with other students, but keep their privacy, this is a perfect option. In a shared apartment you will have your own private room to study and rest. But you will also have access to all the common areas of the apartment. You will be able to cook in the kitchen and have access to the bathrooms. All this with the option to meet other roommates like you, students or young professionals.  
  • Complete apartment: If you prefer to live on your own and have your privacy at all times, we also offer complete apartments or studios. Here you will always have your own privacy, and all our apartments are equipped with a kitchen, sleeping area and bathroom.  
  • Student Residence: for younger students, this is the best option. If it is your first time away from home and you feel a bit lost, a student residence will always take care of your well-being. Here you can have your meals included, cleaning service, laundry service, gym included, study area… And all this with the opportunity to live with other students like you and meet people from all over the world.   
  • Coliving: this is the most innovative option. Coliving spaces are becoming more and more fashionable in European cities. Here you will have your own room to rest, but the rest of the day you will share your daily activities with the other tenants. You will have areas for teleworking, co-working spaces, relaxation and activity rooms, etc.  

How to book your accommodation?  

From our website it is very easy. You can select your destination city and your dates of stay to find all available accommodations. In addition, you have available a map of the city to see where the accommodations are located.   

Once you have decided on your new accommodation, you will need to register with Lodgerin to make your booking.  

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